floral artistry + styling

Hazel Avenue

floral artistry + styling


whimsical floral creations inspired by nature



Hi! I’m Bri. I utilize floral artistry as my medium for telling passionate + whimsical love stories. I strive to curate flowers in such a way as to communicate the beauty of their natural habitat. For this reason, I am organic in my design while opting for natural + sustainable methods.


Hazel Avenue is a hilly street in Hood River, Oregon, which is the beginning point of my favorite hike. Ever since my husband and I first met, we have taken an annual trip to this little town, and it was on Hazel Avenue that he proposed to me. Every year I find myself - yet again - greatly inspired by the earth’s vivid colors + limitless wonders. This trip provides me with a sense of renewal, leading to pure joy.

In the same way, my floral work seeks to bring you refreshment + intrigue, reminiscent of the feeling one experiences on a beautiful hike.